Introduction to the models section

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Girlequin is developing new ideas, and will always be a on the cutting edge of new methods and ideas.

The markets we are interested in are large but specialist, from art works, to training, to educating animators, artists and doctors amongst others.

We also have a lot of interest in providing human like forms and re-skinning actors to play other special roles in films and TV dramas.

Animated robotic forms that appear human, shop mannequins that can react to the movement of people, and more are in our development plans.

One of the largest requirements, as we move into the future, will be care and support androids or robots of varying types that can help older people, the disabled and those with specials needs. Spin off areas could be artificial limbs and body aids of various types.

There are considerable military applications, but we are mostly avoiding these, except for perhaps areas of mine clearing and front line medics able to recover casualties from dangerous situations.

Our objective at all times is to be as realistic and lifelike as possible, our slogan being only a heart beat away from being human.  New models now in development will be warm and soft to the touch and react in a very human like way.

This part of our website is for models, actors and actresses, allowing you to see some of what we are working on and how we can involve you, be it as a volunteer or working on regular paid assignments.

Will we succeed

It is important to realise that although we hope to succeed we are working in new development areas, often areas involving new ground and breakthrough raw research and all without the budget of governments, large corporations or universities. Realistically all this could come to nothing, currently there is only about a 20% chance that we could take these new Girlequins into volume production, prototypes are most likely feasible and probably small runs of specialist art models. A small number or years ago this was totally science fiction, while now we know how most of the achievements theoretically could be archived, and believe we can succeed or we would not be investing in this and doing the work. In our view Its not really a case of if this could be achieved, but rather how long it will take and what resources we will need. 

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