Adoptions, commissions  and sales suspended from Jan 1, 2013

We are actively working on developing a new range of Girlequins, that move,  and in order to allow full efforts to be employed towards moving this forward, we have decided not to produce or market any more Girlequins for the present time.

The concept we are employing is different to others, in that we are working on creating Girlequins on a skeleton and multiple opposing muscle basis very similar to the human body.

 Different models having a sub set of abilities, and over time this developing to a fully responsive and interactive human like capabilities.

As well as moving, the new collections will be based on measurements and studies of real live  human models. The range and limit of movements, as well as the means of achieving things like balance, recovery from problems encountered and reactions to stimuli, will be built directly on real people data. Each Girlequin will have inside her a full network of miniature computers each controlling a function or providing reactions to sensors/stimuli and feeding requests to others in the network.

So our aim is not a robot, but a collection of  useful interactive androids. Its not a question in our minds, as to if this can be done, just a question of how long it will take, and with maximum available efforts put into it this will be achieved quicker.


Page as previously, with price table removed:-

Would you like to give a Girlequin a home, perhaps in your home, office, business, or studio. Girlequins need very little, no food, salary, expenses, just a place to stand or stay. Some can take up very little space, just a corner, while others can enjoy lounging about, sitting or kneeling, one thing you can be sure of is that they will never complain.

Once you decide to adopt a Girlequin you will be pleased to know that the process is quite straight forward and painless, with no formalities. You just complete the adoption form, and pay the relevant administration fee, and the Girlequin of your choice will come and stay with you. As long as you look after your Girlequin, you should be able to transfer the adoption to another like minded person or collector, who would then cover the original fee you paid and reward you in excess of this, for looking kindly after the Girlequin, while with you. The pleasure you will experience from the Girlequins stay with you is your real reward, and we don't suggest that you look at adopting a Girlequin just to make a profit, as you could by holding any work or art.

We maintain complete confidentiality on all matters relating to the affairs of Girlequins and those who adopt them.

As all Girlequins are electronically chipped, with chips that cannot be duplicated, no one can profit by taking your Girlequin and selling it as an original Girlequin.

Girlequins currently seeking adoption include:-

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Remember every Girlequin is unique, having different hair styles, clothing etc.

You can find an article on Girlequins, including a description on those available on look up Girlequin in their index.

If you are offered a Girlequin by someone else.

All Girlequins are individually and uniquely chipped with a small electronic chip that cannot be forged or duplicated. Using our hand scanner or using a compatible scanner near to you, and we can tell you where to go to use one very locally to you. You can get a reference from the scanner, and by quoting this reference to us we can match it to the Girlequin and confirm its genuine or otherwise. There is no charge for verifying the authenticity of Girlequins. Prior to sales being suspended in January 2013 the value of Girlequins being re-homed ranged from 1,200 to well over 5,000. Now these early models are to be rarer, these prices are likely to rise considerably, so if you are offered a mannequin that is said to be an original Girlequin at less than 1,500 its very unlikely to be genuine.

Personality Kits

Each and every Girlequin is unique, they have a personality and look created by a combination of factors. The largest single modifying effect is the hair colour and style that they are wearing, the wigs are very realistic and fitted so that they will not move, but in a way that allows them to be easily removed when required and a compatibly equipped wig to be used in its place.

Most Girlequins come with a single set of clothes, although nearly all can be redressed quite easily, hard forms come apart in places and can be undressed, redressed and reassembled easily while soft forms are able to be moved in the same way that human limbs can and dressed or undressed in this way. Underwear models usually have a second set of clothes as well, and some working models, for example those used in security applications may have two or more sets to extend their use.

When each Girlequin is created we measure all parts of them so we know the clothes size, shoe size, and much more, and are then able to supply new personality kits to change the personality and total look of your Girlequin. In the original process we have usually also taken a number of photographs of each one with different hair styles so that when the time comes for a personality change we are able to advise what will and will not work well. When you obtain a new personality kit from us, this is added to the information we hold on the adoption certificate, so that when you come eventually to part with your Girlequin we are aware of the looks that should be able to go with the chip number and certificate held.

With the exception of underwear models, hard form Girlequins don't usually wear underwear. Underwear personality sets can be bought from us or you can select underwear from any source, but should generally avoid dyes that will stain the Girlequin.

Girlequins are quite tough, they will not fall apart on their own, however if they are injured in some way, then we can repair them, either by repairing the existing parts or by transplants as long as the chip is present identifying it as the original. The cost of repair will always be less than the cost of replacement.

 Although sales of original Girlequins is suspended, full support, repairs and personality sets for existing Girlequins is still fully available.

Telephone 01242 522440
between 9am and 9pm any day