Introducing Girlequin
A Girlequin is an art form, something to be enjoyed, and perhaps collected. It is also very functional and able to be used in training, marketing and security. On this website we want to introduce you to the pleasure, that being associated with a Girlequin can bring.

The Girlequin is a life sized human like creation, a mannequin or robot, that looks human and has a personality. Like many forms of art it is pleasant to look at and enriches the lives of those who spend time with it, it can also provide company for the lonely, a confident that will never tell your secrets, and many like their human counterpart also have a job of some type.

The jobs that Girlequins undertake are assisting with the training of artists, photographers, people in the medical world, as artists and photographers models, helping with marketing, and working in security. Unlike humans they don't have salaries, fag breaks, time off sick, or have to go home at the end of the day. They just work for you 24 hours a day, with no reward other than your appreciation. No Girlequin will naturally age, however they can have their personalities changed should you wish.

Generally, Girlequins available at the moment are solid and not robotic, but as a part of some installations soft forms with human like skeletons and movement can be included. Developments will over time see Girlequins with other abilities and capabilities. Girlequins built on robotic humanoid androids are currently being worked on. Although the majority of Girlequins look like young adult female humans, this is not exclusively the case, some look like males, some are difficult to tell if they are male or female and some are older or younger, as of yet none look like any animal or animal human cross, but both are likely to occur in the future.

Girlequin installations involve one or more, possibly quite a few Girlequins, involved in some activity, often with other items that form an artistic installation, or work of art.

Girlequins are all unique, no two are the same, unless as a part of a commissioned installation we have identical twins, and they can have different abilities and be used in so many applications.

All genuine Girlequins come originally from Girlequin Ltd, and they all have a microchip that allows them to be identified.

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