Training Aids

The first Girlequins came about to meet a training need, and although they now have many uses, the training applications are where many human forms, like you and me, will first come into contact with a Girlequin.

You may see them involved in the training of artists, photographers, people in the medical world, or acting as artists and photographers models. It is likely that in the future the range of training related roles they have will continue to increase, so if you have an application not listed here, let us know and we will see what can be done to help you and one or more Girlequins to meet the need.

Training photographers involve many areas, including  a good understanding of light, and how it can be arranged using various forms of light, reflectors, mirrors and more in addition to several different types of electronic flash and several types of constant light sources.  The Girlequin is an ideal subject for this, sitting so still while all the demonstrations are done and allowing experiments and as much practical as students need.

Teaching depth of fields is also so much easier when applied to a real task, like taking a portrait of two or three Girlequins, one in front of the other. Even for just playing with the controls trainee photographers need something to point at, and the Girlequin makes an ideal target. When starting with studio work there is so much to think about and with the Girlequin as the model things are far more relaxed, photographers are less nervous and therefore make far more rapid progress, and by the time they have used several Girlequins, each taken from several different angles, they are ready then to invite a human model to pose for them.

Next perhaps they want to undertake some nude photography, and again some of the Girlequins are ideal for this, allowing photographers to get the photos and experience they want, with no embarrassment for anyone.


Training artists, is similar to photographers, and models are required, the need is for models that will stay still for long periods and who can hold a pose. This you will see is the absolute natural job for a Girlequin. Girlequins can stand with arms out, or in other poses indefinitely, can have items draped over them, be dressed or undressed in part or whole and undertake figure work as well. Many artists also find it easier to appreciate curves when they run their fingers over them, which can lead to misunderstandings and all sorts of problems, where human forms are used, while for the Girlequin it is not a problem. Like the photographer the way light and colour are used is important, and experimenting with no time pressures, allows both more relaxed work and a greater understanding to develop. Another part of this project involves photographing many human forms (models) in order to develop later Girlequins, and the intention is to also publish some of these photo sets for artists and animators to use. So watch out for announcements or ask us to tell you when we have these available.

Medical training is another area that the Girlequin can play an important part. In many specialities there are benefits in having something that appears to represent a human form without the need to have one present. Let us take for example skin conditions, one or several Girlequins can be given each a range of skin problems and be available for demonstration and diagnoses, this helps human forms, like you and me, to understand what they are looking for so much better than just seeing photos in books.

Confidence training. Very many areas in business, medicine and in personal life can be better handled when people have confidence. Anyone can practice just about anything with a Girlequin,  and will know that the Girlequin is not going to laugh at them or put them down in any way. The confidence gained in role play and simulation, as all aircraft pilots know, can make a lot of difference when problems are encountered in real life.

Health and beauty, hairdressing, massage, waiting on clients in restaurants, taxi drivers........ there are so many areas where the Girlequin could play a role in training.

With special Girlequins being developed for different tasks the range of activities and abilities will increase, opening up constantly more opportunities.

Whatever your application, let us know, we are keen to help to develop new training and other applications for Girlequins.


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