Security Aids

There are a number of ways that a Girlequin can be a security aid.

  • While your home of office has no one in it, it can appear to have people present, perhaps in bedrooms with lights going on and off on time switches to illuminate them, or a person in the day time can appear to be seen sitting reading a book, newspaper or watching TV. The flickering light from the TV is also good at night.

  • Just imagine that security guard that can be seen watching the monitors on the CCTV, 24 hours a day stopping shoplifters in the day and break-ins at night.

  • People in a house on their own and are nervous will feel more comfortable knowing anyone looking in will see several people in the house.

  • A member of staff being left to work on their own will be more comfortable if people can see what appears to be one or several people working in the back office.

  • What about a Girlequin with eyes, that can have CCTV cameras, allowing access to see areas and that can be moved about, some of these cameras are wireless, require no cabling it may have a battery to hide. So the Girlequin to start puts off shoplifters but should they eventually spot that it is not a human form, then they can be observed with  cameras in it. Similarly they are good for detecting stock shrinkage caused by your own staff helping themselves.

  • Security patrols could be boosted by having a Girlequin passenger, and this will work as long as the Girlequin in not looking out of the window.

  • A car with a Girlequin in it, parked within a factory area just close enough to look like a person in the car, but far enough away to not be able to be fully seen, can cover blind spot or gaps when the security patrol are doing their rounds.

  • A Girlequin stood in a window of a cottage overlooking a church could make anyone think twice before taking the roof lead.


They are also great for keeping people company, and giving the impression that you are not on your own, so while we never suggest that it would be the role of a Girlequin to look after children or an elderly relative when you went out, you can see that when teenagers are home alone, or someone is nervous about being left in the house on their own that one or several Girlequins can be a great comfort to them.  In a similar way, someone who lives alone will find that having a silent partner may be just the solution, they still have their independence, there is no maintenance or food costs or emotional problems, just a reassuring presence.

If you want closer company, Girlequins are available that are soft, having a human like skeleton, warm up having a human like feel and can be placed into just about any pose. These special Girlequins are available currently as a part of installations, as they are able to be developed to suit your needs in many ways. If you feel that you would like to share your life with one of these then let us know.  Which brings me to another point, there are never misunderstandings between you and a Girlequin, even a soft form one that you sleep with, never any complications, or risk.

Whatever your need talk to us and we will see what can be done, Girlequins are not all the same, we can and do create special versions and have a range of solutions available just waiting for people to have a need for them. In fact one of the features of Girlequins is that they are all individual and unique.


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