Marketing Aids

Have you noticed how when you go into an empty shop others tend to follow, when you park in an unused part of a car park others cluster around you and how uncomfortable you feel when you are the first person to enter an empty cafe or restaurant. Well no one needs to be the first any more, as a Girlequin installation, representing a group of people enjoying their meal, can always be present. Similarly any other store, Girlequins complete with shopping bags and children in tow, or in a buggy, can be studying the offers available.

Some years ago I did an experiments in a town in that I took a few people with me and we stopped to look into the sky pointing, before drifting away, others stopped to look and when we came back around 30 minutes later you still had a pattern where people were stopping to see what others could see in the sky.  Now suppose it was just inside your store looking at the list of offers, others could not resist joining them and people would be brought in.

In many cases you only know a Girlequin is not a human form when you are straight on to them for some time, when they are at an angle or you just see them as you go by, they are life like, and even in the reception area of a training centre and at exhibitions you will find people regularly speaking to them. This means they have the affect of encouraging groups to gather, of attracting attractive girls into join others already present which brings in the boys and others. Many Girlequins are mobile, for example many used in training are constantly being moved around, they can sit on chairs, kneel on the floor, and take up a variety of poses. Some are bent so as to be moving a chair or pushing a pushchair, while others are in extravert and exciting poses. One can appear to be leaning forward with arms up to lean on and look through a window. Some have no stands while others have small glass stands that are virtually invisible in use, the support going through a foot or up the leg of a pair of trousers.

The one comment everyone makes is that they are so life like.

There are so many applications in just about any business, and often the marketing and security roles overlap. Let us know about your business and what you would like to achieve and we will suggest ways that Girlequins could increase your sales and profits.

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