You may be attracted to obtaining a Girlequin installation as a very enjoyable piece of art to have, for a particular function, or as a way of enjoying the company of a number of Girlequins. You can decide to adopt the installation, and all the Girlequins included, or you can if you like have it on contract rental, and return it so someone else can have the pleasure of it after a while. Currently we are unable to rent soft forms, but we would hope in the future to be able to.

With an installation you get the combined pleasure of the Girlequins and the installation, and in some cases can interact in some way.

In addition to this if you share or allow others to also see your installation you will find it a great talking point, creating far more interest and being far more noticeable than other art forms.

An installation can be a single Girlequin represented in an activity, emotion or context, or can be any number of Girlequins arranged or interacting with each other, other art, props or story elements. Passive installations are complete in their own right, you just look and enjoy them, while interactive installations involve you or other human forms in some way, perhaps as a part of a living environment or a part of a role playing experience.

Some installations are already created, some have created themes, but then configured to your space and need, while some are commissioned and developed to meet the application that you have in mind. They can be created to nearly any budget and need.


The simplest could be a single Girlequin, or a two Girlequin combination, while you could at the other extreme have a house fitted out as a harem complete with hard form and soft form Girlequins, soft form are warm and soft to the touch and have only a heartbeat missing from being a real person, able to be moved into any position. These Girlequins have internal skeletons that resemble a human skeleton, so its movements are very human like as well as its appearance, most people even touching one would mistake it for a sleeping person, wherever they touched them.  Alternatively how about allowing your imagination to get carried away with a  complete witches coven, including members that can take an active part in all ceremonies.

Installations can be something that is very personal to you or something that you put on display for others to enjoy, can be outrageous causing comments or melt into the scene so that nobody realises its not just a person there.

When you contact us to order or commission an installation, we initially sort out with you what you want and suggest what could be achieved, and then refine this with you, if you want to get it within a budget, however if you are budget conscious avoid any soft forms (warm and soft) as these are advanced and cost currently around 20 times the cost of hard form. Once you have decided what you wish to commission, and we sort out with you how you are going to pay, we then arrange for the artist to meet up with you to finalise the space and your specific requirements, depending on the complexity and your budget this can be at your place or our Cheltenham base.

Contact us now to see what we can make happen for you.


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