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By Telephone:- 01242 522440  between 9am and 9pm any day

By Email:- enquiry @  (no spaces).

By Post: Condale, Eldon Rd, Cheltenham,  GL52 6TU

Callers strictly by appointment only.

Girlequin Limited

Registered in England and Wales no 4881291 Registered in 2003

Registered office is the above address

Regular Questions

Prices : See Adoptions page in the main part of this website. Sales are now suspended while the new android range is developed.

By Models : We do use models for obtaining measurements and understanding limits to movements, understanding how humans work so we can make Girlequins as life like as possible and a very few for developing prototypes, studying or adding personalities and a variety of other uses, prototypes are models that have mouldings taken of them to allow life like forms to be moulded, they are also photographed in great detail. All models must be 18 or over, and be able to prove it.  If you are interested in normal  modelling or being a prototype then email us at models @  (no spaces). We have a new section of this website for models explaining more of what is involved.

Delivery time : Single Girlequins are normally dispatched within 3 weeks, but can be sent or delivered to you faster if its urgent, for 7 day dispatch add 25%, for 3 day dispatch add 50%, for same day dispatch when available add 100%. We have to quote the delivery on installations, once we know what is involved, however we can usually work within the clients requirements.

Live model - this is the target we are working towards

Weather and waterproof: by default soft forms are waterproof and can be taken in the shower, given a bath, etc, hard forms cannot, we may be able to water or weather proof specific installations to order.

Another live model - one day you won't be able
 to tell the difference

Do we have one that can do the housework : NO, none of the Girlequins are intelligent at this time, or able to move on their own. Later developments will make this possible.


Are there any laws relating to the use or misuse of Girlequins: Nothing we are aware of, as far as we know you are free to do what you like with them in the confines of your own home, they would make a very poor witnesses in any event.



Telephone 01242 522440
between 9am and 9pm any day